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Flaving is vaping for the pure enjoyment of flavor. It’s delighting in the discovery of a tiramisu flavor that tastes exactly like the classic Italian dessert. It’s savoring the sweet smell of tropical fruit on a cold, rainy day. It’s enjoying rich, multi-layered sensations and reveling in novel ones. It’s achieving ultimate satisfaction through flavor. At VanGo Vapes, flaving is what we are all about.

What is the difference between vaping and flaving?

Flaving is About Experience

You vape habitually. You flave for the experience. The smooth inhale and exhale. The combination of taste, smell and feel. The enjoyment of all these things together. That’s flaving.

Flaving is About Passion

You vape a stock e-juice. You flave a premium e-juice. The difference is passion. The passion you feel when you vape that flavor and the passion that went into making it. That’s flaving.

Flaving is About Flavor

You vape to get a fix. You flave for the pure enjoyment of flavor. When a flavor tastes so spot on that if you closed your eyes, you could easily convince yourself its real. That’s flaving.



Every flavor starts with an idea, and we get our ideas from the world around us. 

6-9 Months 

Once we’ve latched on to an idea, it’s time to get our hands dirty.

Tasting, Tasting… 
2-12 Months 

We are OCD about our flavors, so testing is a critical stage in our process.   

Upon Perfection  

Only once a flavor is exactly how we imagined it, do we release it.  

Who is the flavorist?

The flavorist is the discerning vaper. The flavorist understands how flavor works and takes taste seriously. Can tell the difference between quality and mediocrity. Anyone who identifies with flaving over vaping is a flavorist. 

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VanGo’s Attention to Quality 

Making a flavor worth flaving starts with food-grade, quality ingredients. It continues with careful testing and tasting. It finishes with stringent production processes ensuring only the most delicious e-juices make the shelf.

Quality Ingredients  

The flavoring industry is massive, and not all flavors are made equal. E-juices worth flaving are crafted using the highest quality ingredients from the most reputable sources. This ensures the finished liquid is true to the flavor that inspired it.

Tested Processes

If you’re doing it right, testing and tasting should take the longest. An e-juice needs to be tested at various stages of maturity to find out when it’s at its best. A true to flave e-juice is a labor of love and can take years to perfect.

Delicious Products 

Once you’ve got it right, you need to make sure it stays right. Stringent production processes and continuous testing are necessary to ensure every bottle of e-juice that makes it to the shelf is as delicious as the very first bottle perfected.


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